Anonymous asked:
hey, what did you thought of Zayn's tweet? I personally got so disapointed with him, and the fact that lots of people look up to them just makes it worse...

It hurted me and im very angry at it . People are so ignorant about this situation its unbelievable they are being fooled by the media and by what hamas want them to believe.

Wednesday, July 30th


this is an israeli city named haifa, it’s the 3rd largest city in israel (right before mine) and this picture was taken in the bahai garden (basically the most famous tour site in haifa)
nice try to lie again, palestinian media, nice try.

See how easy is to brainwashing your opinion and mind? Don’t be fooled by this

Tuesday, July 29th  ( 105 )

Some people don’t know the meaning of what zayn tweeted. He didn’t tweet pray for gaza.he tweeted basically that I shouldn’t live in israel and the country that I was born in and grow up in is belong to Palestinians.well this is such a bullshit. It was israel it is israel and will always be israel so don’t go and tweet free Palestine just because zayn tweeted it.there are people in israel too think about all the fans from israel that now see that their “idol” says that they should be out of their own country. And no this is not a question of beliefs or religion. This is our only country and we will not gonna live it.

Tuesday, July 29th  ( 10 )

Wow thank you so much hamas for waking me up in tge middle of the night with your damn sirens I can’t stop shaking now its 02:33 !!! Let me sleep !

Tuesday, July 29th  ( 1 )

Go ahead and unfollow me if you think I will not shut my mouth and not defend my country

Monday, July 28th

If you’re trying to tell me what is happening in my own country when you live in america, Australia or Europe then go fuck yourself because you live in a bubble

Monday, July 28th  ( 1 )

The people who say “don’t believe everything the media says” are the ones who once again are being fooled by hamas.they use manipulation!

Monday, July 28th  ( 1 )

You think I don’t want peace and ceasefire?! We all want but hamas doesn’t let go and he keeps doing it !

Monday, July 28th

Anonymous asked:
Just so you know i compleatly respect you for what you have been posting. Being able to hear your point of veiw has given me a wider veiw, and what i feel to be more reliable information on the topic rather than what the media has been providing. Thank you.

No problem. I just hate to see what the world think he knows.i don’t trust anyone who is talking about israel other than israeli people that knows really what is happening in here.
Hamas is a terror organization that is known in here with is ability of manipulation and doing wrong things. Do you understand tgat even Egypt are saying its hamas fault and hamas bring it on their own?

Monday, July 28th  ( 1 )

If your sending hate to teenagers in israel like me for standing up for their country and themselves I assume you’re the one who’s not human

Monday, July 28th  ( 1 )