Ffs its 2014!! Why do some fans still think every elounor picture is photoshoped if we have an actual proof that they were at the same place?! Get over yourself

Wednesday, July 23rd  ( 22 )

eleanorj92: Maid of Honour & Best Man 💑💕

Wednesday, July 23rd  ( 7571 )

This is my second anniversary of them as a fan.

Wednesday, July 23rd

Happy 4 years one direction! :)

Wednesday, July 23rd


Tuesday, July 22nd  ( 2 )

Im so ready for the fifth harmony album.why can’t it be out already?

Tuesday, July 22nd  ( 2 )

Monday, July 21st  ( 857 )

We know is such a good song I want the studio version right now!

Monday, July 21st  ( 8 )


"hi i’m harry"

"hi harry, we’re in the same band."


Monday, July 21st  ( 21550 )

Anonymous asked:
I'm sure Israeli's are scared, but Palestinians are dying. That's the problem everyone is having.

I don’t want to answer these things until you really feel what is like to live in israel ..

Sunday, July 20th  ( 3 )